Ever had to make a financial decision or an investment and you felt it was too risky of a risk, I mean, this was like letting your entire guard down.

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Or remember when you just had to buy that strap black dress, at that point it felt like the best decision you have ever made, well truth be told, you feel that way each time you buy a dress and when you think of it, you realize you got a similar black dress 3 days back… You can’t just help it right? Lol I know

Foodies in the house! You have a finger as swift as a 4G network when it comes to clicking the ‘order’ button…you don’t check your account balance or check to see if that expense at the moment tallies with the budget of the month until you are done giving our stomach the pleasure it so desires…we don’t want the gods getting angry right? lol

Hello! Welcome to Paymyrent blog…and today again, I just hope to twitch your wisdom button when it comes to your finances and matters of SPENDING.

It’s no news that we are in the era of making wise financial decisions especially considering the current state of the Nigerian economy, you can’t afford to be at the losing end. Now the amazing thing is this, even though a lot of people are aggressively complaining about this condition we have found ourselves in, some people are smiling and still have enough to spare every month for savings…This could be you but you have just refused to listen to the voice of reasoning calling out to you.

This is 2020 na, you should not still be spending and wasting anyhow, as a matter of fact, you should be saving the little you can anytime you can (especially for your rent) for the rainy day.

Here are five tips to keep you financially balanced

AVOID IMPULSE BUYING: I’m sure you saw this coming, but honestly, I hope to scream this enough, we Nigerians have a bad habit of buying just about anything we see, it’s like our eyes now control our cravings and thus our wallets… Maybe we should go about wearing extra dark shades so things don’t look so attractive, unfortunately, for a city like Lagos, we’ll end up bumping into each other every two-step we take lol.

But, come on! We can do better, our future self and our children are counting on us to be smart, so let’s apply some financial intelligence.

I want to guide you into financial literacy and smart investment that will keep you smiling all through this year, so I hope you have taken down this point? *smiles

As much as I would have loved to keep writing, I beg to leave now because something just called for my attention

Next time we’ll continue with tips 2 and 3 *winks, I’ll see you